New Compounding Pharmacy, purpose built facility using the latest innovations in equipment and tested ingredients to provide quality compounded medication


Our Mission

 TJ Pharma will never compromise on safety, ingredients or cost. We are dedicated to preparing your medication to the highest standard in order for you, our patient to obtain and maintain optimal health.

Using strict procedures, extensive compounding knowledge and continuous education, we aim to ensure that every compounded product that leaves the pharmacy is of the highest quality.

Our Facility

After recently completed construction, TJ Pharma has 3 separate laboratory rooms with 3 separate clean hoods, this allows us to prepare medication independently and free from potential cross contamination. Also as the environment (temperature, pressure and humidity) can profoundly affect many drugs and supplements, TJ Pharma's clean, controlled and monitored facility, gives you the confidence inour quality.

Drop by anytime to see our facilities  - or you can contact us here.

Our Equipment and Ingredients

TJ Pharma use sophisticated and compounding specific equipment as recommended by the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia's (PSA) Professional Practice Standards on Compounding and the Australian Pharmaceutical Formulary and Handbook's (APF) guidelines for Compounding, including the new and innovative RAM (Resonant Acoustic Mixer) from PCCA.  We use Pharmaceutical grade ingredients sourced from Australian TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) approved suppliers.

Our Experience and Skilled Personnel

Whilst the site and facilities are new, TJ Pharma's Pharmacist/Owners have been compounding medications for over 15 years and with over 50 years combined pharmacy experience and knowledge, we understand your medication needs. All staff are PCCA  (Professional Compounding Chemists of Australia) qualified and have completed approved training.